What Important events took place during Jean-Antoine Watteau's lifetime?

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cvb2447 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hi Bieber 11,

The list of events within Watteau's lifetime is accurate but there were wide-sweeping changes of thought during the eighteenth century in every phase of European society. The beginnings of Industrialism, revolutions in America and France with the birth of modern democracy and the resulting confusion was reflected in the art of the time.

The new art form that Watteau embraced was called Rococo, which was centered in France. This new style replaced a grandiose style of art called Baroque and substituted gaiety, charm and wit for formality and excess. The Rococo style was a product of its time and served to highlight the more intimate life of elegant society.

dragonflyfla | Student

Hi Bieber11:

Jean-Antoine Watteau lived between 1684 - 1721, below are some of the events that happened in his lifetime along with a few links. Hope this helps.

1685 - Louis XIV revokes the Edict of Nantes and begins persecutions of Huguenots

1688 - James II flees England

1689 - Peter the Great assumes Russian throne

1692 - Salem witch trials


1701 - War of the Spanish Succession begins

1701 - Prussia becomes a kingdom

1708 - J.S. Bach appointed as chamber musician at the court in Weimar

1714 War of the Spanish Succession Ends

1715 - Louis XIV dies

1717 - The Mississippi Scheme leads to increased settlement in Louisiana

1719 - Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe