What are the three important events that lead to Nick's big idea in Frindle?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the day that Nick Allen came up with his big, brilliant idea, three things happened.  First, Nick and Janet had to walk home from school because they missed the bus due to a school newspaper meeting.  On the walk home, Janet found a fancy gold ballpoint pen on the ground.  Second, Nick thought about something Mrs. Granger had said to him earlier.  She had told him that people give words meaning. Third, Nick remembered that as a toddler, he had used the word "gwagala" to say the word "music."  His family knew that "gwagala" meant "music" when he said it.  Nick was so caught up in his thoughts that he bumped into Janet, causing her to drop the gold pen.  He bent down to pick it up.  When he handed the pen to her, he said, "here's your... frindle."  Then he got his big idea to start calling pens "frindles."