What important events happen in the second half of The Color Purple?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the second half of the novel, quite a number of events take place:

  • Celie and Shug become something of a romantic couple. 
  • Sofia returns home and Squeak runs off with Grady. 
  • Celie's step-father dies.
  • Celie inherits her step-father's house and store. 
  • Celie begins making pants as a business. 
  • Shug has a fling with a nineteen year old boy. 
  • Mr. Albert ____ and Celie become friends. 
  • Corrine dies.
  • Nettie marries Samuel and Adam marries Tashi. 
  • Nettie, Samuel, Olivia, Adam and Tashi come to the United States. 

   Say what? I ast.
   Your stepdaddy been dead over a week, she say. ...
Your real daddy owned the land and the house and the store. He left it to your mama. When your mama died, it passes on to you and your sister Nettie.