Cinder Questions and Answers
by Marissa Meyer

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What are important events in Cinder?

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Important/main events are actions which drive the plot and highlight the main themes in a work of fiction. There are usually four main story structures that are common in fiction, namely the milieu story, the idea story, the character story, and the event story. Read about them here.

The event story is what we're interested in here. Most fantasy and science fiction stories use the event story. In such a scenario, the world is in deep crisis, while a new order waits in the wings for its moment to act. In the event story, authors don't usually spend much time delineating the background of the protagonist for the reader. Instead, the reader is often plunged right into the action, into the crucial moment the protagonist joins the struggle against the threat. The main events which drive such a plot will focus on the protagonist racing against time to restore or usher in either a new order of things or maintain the old order of things.

So, to identify main/important events in Cinder, we have to keep...

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