What are the most important events in Chapters 17 and 18 of The Silver Sword?  

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Chapter 17: In this chapter, the most important events are Edek's discovery of Jan's clandestine actions and Edek's subsequent arrest by Captain Greenwood.

In Chapter 17, we discover that Jan is working at a farm, while Ruth is working as a cleaning lady at the local school. Meanwhile, Jan invariably returns home every day with cans of meat and fish. For her part, Ruth suspects that Jan is stealing. She thinks that he is stealing from the Americans, however.

The next day, Edek follows Jan after the younger boy leaves his farm job. Eventually, Edek discovers what Jan has been doing in his spare time: cutting signal wires in order to stop inbound trains. This is how Jan has managed to steal cans of food. For his part, Edek tries to stop Jan but is apprehended by Captain Greenwood in the process of doing so.

Chapter 18: In this chapter, the most important events are Edek's trial and his consignment to jail for seven days.

In Chapter 18, we see Ruth, Bronia, and Jan try to explain the truth to...

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