What are the important characteristics of a creative idea or a product?

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A creative idea or product is elegantly defined by the dictum of Alexander Pope in "An Essay on Criticism":

True art is nature to advantage dressed,

What oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed.

What this means is that originality does not lie in being wildly eccentric or completely new, but taking existing ideas or materials and improving them in some way, or combining them in a new manner. This might be taking the transportation technology of horse and buggy and replacing the horse with an internal combustion engine or taking the car and replacing the human driver with a computer.  In art, this might mean seeing light differently or using a new form of perspective.

However, for the creative idea to be viable, it must be both new and old, adding more value for an audience or market. Inventing something no one can use or understand is not really productive.

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