What are important actions of major characters (ie. Jem, Atticus, Dill) in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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ATTICUS FINCH.  Atticus shows great courage in deciding to defend Tom Robinson, knowing it will make him a few enemies and trouble for his family. Atticus knows he cannot win the case: No jury is likely to accept the word of a black man over Bob and Mayella Ewell's, even if the Ewells are the most despicable family in town. But Atticus defends Tom to the best of his ability, and he seems to prove Tom's innocence to everyone but the jury.

JEM FINCH.  Jem's greatest moment comes at the end of the story when he does his best to protect sister Scout from the murderous Bob Ewell. He suffers a broken elbow--and misses seeing Boo Radley--but he recovers (as we find out on the first page of the novel) and goes on to play football, just as he had always planned.

DILL HARRIS.  Dill's quick thinking saves the day for Jem on the night when the children raid the Radley back porch and Jem loses his pants while making a getaway. When Miss Stephanie exclaims, "Jem Finch!" and Atticus calmly questions,

"Where are your pants, son?"

it is Dill who comes up with the right answer--albeit an untruthful one.

"We were playin' strip poker up yonder by the fishpool."

As Scout explains, strip poker (she had no idea what it meant) wasn't as bad as the truth, even if it had something to do with gambling.

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