What are the importances of organic compounds for binary things like: -carbohydrates -lipids -proteins -vitamin E

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Organic compounds are defined as chemical compounds that contain carbon.  Organic compounds are literally the building blocks of all life on Earth.  Carbon is the most versatile compound on the planet.  It can form up to four separate single bonds with other carbons and other elements.  Carbohydrates are compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen where the H to O ratio is 2:1, the same as in water (H2O).  Lipids are long chains of hydrocarbons, or polymers made of carbon and hydrogen.  Lipids make up fatty acids.  Proteins are made up of amino acids, all of which are composed of carbon and have a central carbon at the core.  Vitamin E is a specialty organic compound that consists of carbons atoms bonded together in rings and also straight hydrocarbon chains.  Not mentioned here but also organic in nature are nucleic acids like DNA and RNA.

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