What is the importance of Act II of the play?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very vague question -- you'll get better answers with more specific questions.

As You Like It is a pastoral play, which means it is one that contrasts nature (the forest), which is good and moral with civilization (the court) which is bad.  In Act II, this contrast is first set up for us.

It is in this act that the people who have had to flee the court make it to the forest.  We see throughout the act the idea that the forest is a better place than the court (look especially at Scene 1 for this).

We are also introduced to Jaques who will be important to the play.  His basically pessimistic attitude will be contrasted against that of Rosalind.

mkcapen1 | Student

In Shakespeare’s play "As You Like It" in Act II the people are in the forest of Arden where they have gone to after they escaped. Jacques is telling of seeing a creature that had nothing to do and was not smart but rather wasting his time.  IN nature there are no clocks to govern routine or make activities mandatory.  Jacques sees the things in nature as bad, but in reality they are good for there are not the pressures applied to mankind in civilization.  In this scene it is a battle of the two, nature versus civilization.

anushatshree | Student

This scene is taking place in the forest of Arden where the charaters meet each other.This scene introduces all the characters of the play.It contains the theme of love . In the beging of the act we come to know the melancholic natur eof jaques , the loyalty of amines and the thaughts of duke senior .

The 6th and 7th scene of the act shows the love between Adam and Orlando and loyalty of duke senior .