What is the importance to the theme of Language minimalism as seen throughout the novel. What implications does this have for us today?

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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The lack of descriptive language allows the actions of the story to deliver a greater emotional impact. Oftentimes, overly descriptive language is seen as a distraction or way of diffusing a story's action. Descriptive language may also be seen as subjective, or creating a specific narrative viewpoint. In this novel, the story arises from what the world has become, but the condition of the world is so horrible and desolate that a detailed description of it might seem melodramatic or artificial. The author achieves a level of authenticity via simple language. This simplicity also comments upon the dissolution of humanity, and the selfish cruelty engendered by desperation and survival. Since language and literature are seen as hallmarks of human achievement, a lack of artful or descriptive language can underscore a diminished experience of humanity, and the qualities that make humans noble (such as compassion or generosity, which are qualities lacking in this world). Our increasing tendency as a culture to eschew reading in favor of technological distractions is sometimes seen as a contributing factor to a lack of civility and compassion in contemporary culture.