Discuss how history makes our present contexts more relevant and meaningful.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that all subjects can have relevance to modern day.  The individual who studies any discourse with passion and zeal can find connection to the present setting.  For me, history is relevant because it enables individuals to understand their current predicament in a larger scope and sequence.  For example, the recent and ongoing "Arab Spring" uprisings can be appreciated for their historic level of relevance in seeing how long regimes were in power and overthrown through civic activism and public voicing of discontent.  The entire landscape of the Arab world is fundamentally different than in any other time in history and to be able to see it in this light makes one understand how important of a time in which we live.  The study of history is extremely important in the discussion of the current political climate in America right now.  The Republican Presidential contests are an example of how history is relevant.  To examine the movement of the Republican field from right of center to the far right of the spectrum compels individuals to examine how historical trends such as the Tea- Party and Personhood movements have helped to make the party more on the right side of the spectrum than any other time in remembered history.  In these events, understanding history makes the modern setting more understandable on the part of the individual and can also explain and link how individuals are piece of the larger machine of consciousness that history helps to explain.