What is the importance of St. Julian of Norwich and All Souls at the end of the book?

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St. Julian of Norwich and All Souls play a significant role in shaping the religious beliefs of the group God’s Gardeners. They commemorate the day of Saint Julian and All Souls as they stand at the verge of extinction. The day reminds them of the role played by those who came before them and the need to preserve God’s creation. All Souls refers to all creatures that once lived and passed on. The Gardeners acknowledge that all creatures are significant and are never truly lost so their extinctions are just an occasion on earth but life is eternal. Saint Julian reminds the Gardeners that the earth is fragile but it will last because of God’s love for it and all its creation upon it. The Gardeners question if human beings are worthy of God’s love because of their destructive nature meted upon the rest of his creation and the environment. By remembering this day they seek forgiveness from God for all the destruction that man has caused.


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