What is the importance of the scientific method?  

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The scientific method, in the simplest terms, involves hypothesis formulation, controlled experimentation, data analysis and hypothesis confirmation, modification or rejection. In other words, scientists formulate a hypothesis to explain an observation, carry out tests to verify this hypothesis and based on the experimental results, confirm, modify or reject the hypothesis. Thus, scientific methods provide an objective assessment of any possible reason or description of an observation. This removes any bias on the part of the scientist and provides an objective answer. The results are testable and repeatable by any other scientist. This is a much better approach than intuition or belief-based explanations. For example, it was very easy to believe that earth is the center of the universe. However, scientific evidence proved it otherwise and it can be tested and checked again and again as needed.

Scientific methods help us innovate and provide solutions and explanations for a given issue or observation. 

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