What is the importance of proper networking in business?

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Proper networking in business is important both for individuals and for the firms for which they work. 

For firms, proper networking can allow them to learn of and exploit opportunities that they might not otherwise have gotten.  When employees from a business engage in networking, they come to have a web of contacts with other people who are in some way related to their business.  Their relationships with these people may be helpful.  For example, let us imagine that Person A at one firm has a good relationship with Person B, who is in charge of purchasing at another firm.  Person B may give Person A information that will allow Person A’s firm to be successful in trying to sell to Person B’s firm. 

Proper networking is just as important for individuals.  It can help you, as a worker, to move up in a firm’s hierarchy.  This can be done by networking with those above you in the hierarchy.  It can also be done by networking in ways (as described above) that bring business to your firm and help to make you look good.  Finally, if you have good networks, you may be able to find better jobs.  You may hear of opportunities you would not otherwise have heard of.  You may have more people at a given firm willing to vouch for you, thus making you more likely to get a job that you apply for.

In these ways, proper networking can help individuals and the firms they work for.

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