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What is the importance of music in your life?

The importance of music in your life will depend on your personal experience. You might play music at school or recreationally, use music to help you study, or simply enjoy listening to music for its ability to evoke memories or emotions.

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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My entire extended family is musical--literally, all 27 of them.  I long ago figured out my role is audience.  I love music, I enjoy it when it's on, I appreciate it when it's done well, I worship to it in church, but I don't play it regularly in my home or my car or on my person.  I do play it in my classroom (soundtracks, no words) during work or quiet time, but that's about it.  I love what it does, which is move me, but I find I am more moved by words.

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mwestwood eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Music, like the other fine arts, is what feeds the soul and touches the body, moving it.  Anyone who has grown up with a musically talented parent knows the tremendous part that music plays in one's memory.  And, anyone who has "been acquainted with the night" as Robert Frost put it, knows and can relate to the Blues. 

Music can fit our moods, as well.  I will always remember riding along with a friend years ago.  This friend loved hard rock, but he had  Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" playing as I got into the car.  "What is this?" I asked. "You don't ever listen to Country Western; in fact, you loathe it!"

"Yeah, it's the strangest thing:  after breaking up with J____,it all seems to make sense now.  Anyway, I think I feel like Johnny did in this song," he replied.

Yes, sometimes we are in harmony with what music says and it talks to us, and pulls at our hearts in most unusual ways, nurturing, comforting, commiserating, exhilirating, soothing, strengthening us against the dark.  What would life be like without it?  Terribly cold and silent, indeed.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The previous posts are all very accurate in their assertions about music.  Indeed, I agree that the appreciation of music can run the gambit from casual to serious to downright intense.  I think that I am of the mindset where appreciation of different genres of music is of vital importance to me.  I like to do an assignment with my students at the start of the year in analyzing playlists that they have developed on their iPod or MP3s.  In assessing or analyzing what is there, I ask my students to talk about what these collections or anthologies say about them and what they define as their "culture" or "cultures." It's really interesting for them to thumb through my iPod and assess my own tastes and likes in music.  They cannot get a handle on the classical playlist alongside the hardcore rap playlist which is right next to the movie soundtracks playlist.  The best they come up with is that there are different playlists to match the different temperaments or moods I might be experiencing and in understanding this, our discussion of contextuality becomes extremely important.

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clairewait eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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In the world of education, it has been proven that reading music or playing an instrument (by ear) works a part of the brain that is not stimulated by anything else.  I've also heard a theory that reading music or playing an instrument is the one activity that when a brain is put under a scan, the entire thing lights up showing that music stimulates every part of the brain in some way.

I can't imagine a more powerful tool for growth and development in children.  As an educator, and now a parent, I think music is an essential element in a child's life.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Music has always been a big part of my life. My mother played the clarinet and piano, and I took lessons on both instruments as a child. I later played in the junior and high school bands, earning a college scholarship (playing tenor and baritone saxophones). I also sang in my church choir and, later, several college choruses. Having always liked many types of music, I accumulated a large record collection and then an even bigger collection of CDs. I have attended many record shows in the U. S. and in Europe, and still sell collectible CDs regularly on eBay. I attend as many live concerts as time (and money) permits, so the interest that was passed on from my mother has continued for most of my life.

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kapokkid eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I too have several members of my family who are far more educated and versed in various types of music, one who makes a profession out of singing in choral groups, etc., so I've received some training from them along with many years of practice and a little performance on several different instruments.

But, I would say that for me the most important thing that music does is remind me of certain things, whether they are feelings or thoughts or even events and people from the past.  I really enjoy hearing something that is entertaining, but it is even more fun to hear something I haven't in a while and remember the people I was with or that were in my life at the time I last heard that particular song, etc.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Music is not nearly as important in my life as it is in the lives of many people in my family.  For example, my little brother and his wife care about music enough that they make time in their lives to play in a marching band even now that they are adults.

My relationship with music is much more casual.  I just listen to various kinds of popular musics that I enjoy.  I occasionally listen to "classical" stuff like "New World" by Dvorak.  But I do not really listen to that kind of thing with true understanding.  I am just a casual listener who enjoys music but does not really understand it at any kind of a deep level.

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njstrickland | Student

The famous 19th century German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “Without music life would be a mistake.” I cannot imagine my life without music, nor can I imagine living on a planet without music! I have had the privilege and joy of being a professional classical musician for the majority of my life. I have served in several capacities, including that of Music Director at various theatres throughout Southern California. I was also an on-air radio host at two classical music radio stations for nearly 5 years. Currently, I am a member of the Phoenix Symphony Chorus and we performed at the legendary Carnegie Hall a few years ago. It is thrilling to be on stage with over 200 musicians! I was even in a small ensemble from our group selected to perform music from the movie, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” which was great fun! Can you imagine going to the movies and not hearing a soundtrack? However, it is not necessary to be a trained musician to enjoy and learn to appreciate what music has to offer. Music doesn’t only come from man-made instruments or from the human voice. Music is present throughout nature. Haven’t you ever heard a beautiful bird song early in the morning? To me, it represents the most innocent expression of the joy of simply being alive! Music expresses what words cannot. It has the ability to affect you in ways beyond description. You can listen to it if you need to cry or if you need cheering up. There are volumes of research summarizing the multitude of benefits that music provides. I could continue writing but, instead, I’ll provide a few websites below for you to explore! Have fun!

Musical Instrument Museum

Carnegie Hall

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Why is Music Education so Important?

Why Music Matters

Nietzsche on the Power of Music

source72 | Student

That is a very interesting question. Perhaps we should start by considering the various contexts to which your question could be applied. Ask a child and you will get a very different answer than if you were to ask a Scottish warrior about to go into battle or a Buddhist monk meditating to the reverberating sound of a Tibetan singing bowl or a member of the band Metallica. Personally, music has always fascinated me because of its malleable nature and contextual and cultural relevance. As a therapist, I have seen music used as a medium for the healing of combat trauma. Conversely, I have seen soldiers use music to get "pumped up" for battle. It is innately and inseparably connected to life, death, religion, war, love, entertainment, rituals; essentially every facet of our existence since man learned how to whistle or click two rocks together.

mommyto4mjs | Student

Music is my passion. I've played piano and sang in church and community events since I was four years old. Music helps me to express my emotions no matter how I'm feeling. There is always music playing in our home. I've taught music for eleven years to students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. I love to help others experience music, learn about music history and how to play instruments and sing. Seeing others enjoy music of all kinds makes me happy. 

thewanderlust878 | Student

As many others have stated, music is very important to me as well. I have been playing musical instruments since I was 7 years old, including the piano, guitar, bass guitar, flute, piccolo, tenor recorder, and clarinet. I also have a CD and Vinyl collection that I am very proud of, and multiple gigabytes of music to my disposal. It provides me an escape from the real world, and it just makes me feel good. 

melissa1106 | Student

Music is very important in my life because it change how i am feeling. It can turn a sad day into a happy day. I can relax or unwind or just have a party and dance. Music explores every emotion we have and lets us relate to what the singer is singing about.

udonbutterfly | Student

Music has always been there for me. Whether I am sad I can find some who will sing to me about feeling the same way and not feeling so lonely. When I am happy and I just want to shout to the heavens I can find a song full of joy that will celebrate with me and shout to the heavens so I wouldn't look too weird. Music is like one those essential parts of my life that I don't realize I use all the time. I love music!

clyoon | Student

Music, to me, is like a medicine. It is therapy. And it is also a recreational activity. It is a supplement. Depending on my mood in the moment, or what I'm currently occupied with, music is different. Music is flexible. It has different roles in my life. When I'm studying, I listen to classical music or instrumentals and it helps me keep down my stress and anxiety. It helps me feel positive about my work because music enlightens my mood. It makes me feel thankful for the opportunity in life to be able to study and listen to beautiful noise at the same time. Sometimes, however, when I am very stressed and anxious, music is just annoying and I don't listen to it. Music can be annoying. 

When I exercise, music is like a supplement. While some people take protein shakes and other things, I take music because I can always listen to EDM or other upbeat songs and it helps me keep going when I work out. 

It is recreational because sometimes I just enjoy looking for new artists and new songs and when I have free time, this is what I do.

hermy27 | Student

Music not only has the ability to change the moods of all living objects (including animals and plants), but it also has the ability to trigger memory.  For me, certain songs can transform me to all kinds of places from my past.  A song that was playing in the background when I was told that my friend had committed suicide will always have a negative affect on me.  A song that song that my best friend and I used to sing together for karaoke will always make me think of her and remind of the nervous but exciting feeling of singing in public.  A song that my aunt used to sing as she was getting ready for the day will always remind me of the smell of her perfume.  Triggering sensory memories is one of the most interesting aspects of music, and one of my favorites because it acts as a sort of time capsule.  This is important to me because I treasure my memories, both good and bad.

kevin0001 | Student

Music is very important in my life because it helps me feel relaxed. I am a person who stresses over thing or thinks to much about one specific thing. Music helps me relieve the stress and relaxes me. When I listen to music, I tend to not worry about other things on my mind. That's why music is important to me.

eli468 | Student

Music is important in my life for many reasons. Music has helped to create certain emotions whether happy, calm, sad, angry, scared, etc. It allows me to safely explore different emotions. 

Music has enhanced and enriched my creativity. I am a better writer now due to music. There are many lyrics in songs I listen to that really allow me to visualize a vivid story that I have/never will experience. It helps to spur my creativity and find new topics to write about.

Music makes most things I do better. Imagine a big action scene in a movie with explosions and fighting and no intense music in the background? Sounds wrong. It keeps me focused and in the moment. Dancing without music? Not that great for me.

Music makes time go by faster. I listen to music when I am working out, cleaning, driving, etc. 

Music helps me to concentrate. I study while listening to music because it helps to make studying a little more enjoyable. By having that small extra enjoyment I am able to study longer and more frequently. 

maria-vivanco | Student

I don't know how but music just keeps me going. It allows me to express myself and it lightens my mood and it allows me to focus.

zumba96 | Student

Music is very important to me in my life. I play a musical instrument so of course that affects it as well. Music has always held a place in my heart and whenever I need a break or need to relax, music is there for me

taangerine | Student

Music is an important part of my life because it makes me feel connected to different parts of the world. Although there are some music in different languages that I cannot understand, music makes me want to learn and motivated to become apart of their culture. Afterall, music is a universal language. 

jess1999 | Student

Music is a way for me to express my emotions . For example , I play the piano and I am able to be able to tell a story/my feelings with the piece I'm playing. Also since most of the times I am unable to use words to fully tell a story, I feel like I can use music. 

acompanioninthetardis | Student

Music allows me to become a different person and see things from their point of view, a heartbroken lover, a determined person, an angry vengeful person, etc.. it also allows me to learn languages i listen to a lot of korean music like a lot of people here and bands like SHINee, super junior, EXO, F(x), really move me both emotionally and sometimes physically haha. I also listen to hindi music which allows me to go back and learn some more of my language. Japanese rock bands like one ok rock and kattun work great when i'm angry or i have feelings that i cant express, listening to them really helps me vent. 

crystaltu001 | Student

Music makes me happy. It can also change your mood when you are feeling sad or happy. I do my work listening to music because it helps me concentrate. Sometimes listening to music in a different language like Korean, listening to Korean music can help you learn more words in that language. 

Wiggin42 | Student

Music brings joy to my life. I can't play an instrument very well but I do sing. I'm always singing songs or humming little tunes. It makes me happy when I'm sad. I don't always listen to music when I'm doing work. But I like to listen to it when I'm cleaning the house. Takes the drudgery out of things!

udonbutterfly | Student

Music not only calms my soul but it gives me another learning tool especially when I want to learn a new language. My obsession for the past couple of years has been Kpop and not only does it have very good beats but if you're trying to learn Korean it's a great place to start to learn how to talk in normal conversations... with people your same age haha.

Anyhow music is a really great escape when you just want to sit back and chill, get full of dance bugs, or just wallow in saddness. There's a song for everything. ^_^

mchandrea | Student

Music is an important aspect of life. First of all, it is a great tool of escape. When I find myself drowning in problems; when i am confused and frustrated, I set up my speakers very loudly and sing along like there's no tomorrow. I think this helps me relieve stress. Sometimes when I'm feeling sad, I listen to music that brightens up my mood and boosts my energy.

Second, music helps me focus. Whether it's studying or running on the treadmill, music is a great booster. It helps me continuously be productive and finish all my tasks.

Third, music listens as I listen to music. Music could be your friend. Believe it or not, some great life advises could be learned from songs especially from those in the past.

Lastly, music keeps me sane. 

robyn-bird96 | Student

Music is essentially my life.  I have played the piano ever since I was six, and as an almost eighteen year old, it clearly has influenced everything that I do. Music is a way for me to relax and to forget everything that is bugging me.  Classical music especially helps my nerves, especially after a long, exhausting day.  It's a way for me to connect with my dad, especially because we tend to disagree on a lot so having something that ties us together helps ease our relationship.  

Lately, I have also been an avid kpop fan (lol).  I love songs that has a heavy beat so I can blast it and dance and just have fun.  I also love songs that are very angry and/or heavy emotionally, so I can just feel someone else's angst and not my own.

rimmery | Student

For me, music is a way to relax. Music can change my mood, it can calm me down when I'm upset or frustrated, it can make me happier when I'm having a good day. It also exposes me to customs of other cultures (ahem kpop) and I really like that because it's cool to see and fun to learn. I play a lot of different instruments so I sometimes try to learn the songs I like on them, as a hobby and to keep playing that instrument (instead of going for certificates or w.e)

I often use it to study along with so that I have motivation to keep going and not want to start watching shows or dramas instead.

arrellbelle | Student

Just like art, music has helped me through countless tough times in my life. I felt that nothing better than music can help to express my feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in an auditory way. I also want to give praise to K-Pop or Korean Pop because I learned a lot about the Korean culture, tradition, food, customs, and people through their music. I've also learned a lot about myself during my time with K-Pop. It has influenced me positively and the people/groups behind K-Pop helped me re-evaluate myself and helped me make decisions I won't regret !

zumba96 | Student

Music is not just important in your life, but in fact is very important in many peoples lives all around the world. Music can connect others from different cultures. You don't even have to understand the language to love the music. Music can cause others to relax or others to just have fun and if it's related to playing an instrument sometimes that alone brings happiness into your life. Music can be extremely cultural and not only a way to relax and enjoy while having piece of mind, but also a way to love music no matter if it is a different language and appreciate the beauty found within

Yojana_Thapa | Student

Music is a big part of my life because it changes your mood and it makes you feel something that you have never felt before. Every song has an effect in you. If you listen to a happy song then your in a good mood. Music is LIFE!

mizradane | Student

Music !

A fine art which could really touch your heart. As for me music sometimes bring a smile to my face and sometimes a tear.

I love country music and classical. Listening to music is a way to reduce the stress, relax and also enjoy your life! It is a good meditation too.

My father too loves music. Once a week we never miss our session of sing song in the evening. That helps us forget all our troubles and whatever we messed up on that day. I never forget my ipod where ever I go. Music makes my world spin around!!!

Just try it out and you'll be singing '' I'm flying without wings.........."

sakshigangde06 | Student

Music is the thing which makes me peaceful. When I am in a dejected mood I prefer to hear music rather than sitting alone. This after sometime make me energetic and enthusiastic again and Iam ready to lead towards my goal. This is good therupy try it......

faria49 | Student

If the question is directly aimed at the reader, here is my response to it:

Music isn't as important as air and food are to me. However, it does channel my moods, and can sometimes even keep me focused!!

bwylie1 | Student

There are few things more important than music in my life.  From the earliest memory that I have, everything in my life has revolved around music.  I remember lying on my parent's floor listening to an 8 track cassette (I'm pretty sure you aren't old enough to know what an 8 track cassette is :) of the song "Frog Kissing".  I remember the song that was playing on the radio when my sister called to tell me my mother had passed away.  I remember the songs that I picked for my wedding.  Even as I type, I have my iTunes account pulled up listening to Sara Evans:  Suds in the Bucket.  Music is a pivotal accompaniment to the many songs of my life.  It is at the very essence of who I am and who I am to become.

camby16 | Student

Music plays a number of roles in my life. First, I use it as an escape from my thoughts. Sometimes I struggle to quiet my mind, but calming or classical music helps to settle it. Music also serves as a motivator when I need to be pumped up for exercise.

I also use music as a sort of fantasy escape. I like to imagine that I am singing or performing some of my favorite songs in front of an audience, and they love me. I dream that I have captivated my audience and they love listening to me perform.