what are the importance of information systems? and What are the categories or types of information system and give an example. thanks

sasikumarupadhaya | Student

Information system is crucial to collect, arrange, store, process and distribute necessary information at the required times to the required personnels. Usually informaton is much required for day- to- day operations of business, to confront growing competition and to enusre efficient management of the business. Therefore, informaton system has been of great concern to the business management and operations. Along with, information system is also concerned with decision making. there several types of informaation systems as mentioned under;

  1. Management Information System (MIS);- The MIS is useful to deal with well structured problems, decision making as the system provides necessary information in relation to the external environment. It also provides necessary facts, figures in graphs, bar diagrams etc.
  2. Decision Support System (DSS);- This is a computer application program that provides necessary information only for decision making.
  3. Marketing Information System (MKIS);- This provides necessaru information related and required in marketing field. However it is also one of the computer application program.
  4. Human Resource Information System (HRIS);- the HRIS is much essential in the field of Human Resource Management. this provides the information related to the data of personnels working in the organization. it is also helpful to prepare Human Resource Inventory Report and the succession Planning Report.
  5. Others;- Besides the above mentioned Informaton System, there are several other types of information system used in specialised sectors.