What is the importance of group social work?What is the importance of group social work?

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One person cannot change the world alone, first of all. People working together can accomplish more. The moe important reason for social work being done in groups is that it's emotionally difficult work. Having someone in the trenches with you makes all the difference.
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Group social work comprises a number of various practices and techniques aimed at facilitating individual growth and development in a social setting. An example of group work would be anti-violence trainings for perpetrators of domestic violence. In this setting, offenders have the ability to examine their feelings, histories, and behaviors in a nonthreatening environment. Group work is important because human beings are social and relational by nature. Thus, we are able to learn about ourselves in the context of a group more easily than in isolation. Group encounters allow us to incorporate the insights and perspectives of others into our own pool of resources. Also, group work can be perceived as less invasive than one-on-one social work. Participants may be more likely to open themselves up in the context of a group.

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