What is the importance of a glass ceiling in business?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The importance of a glass ceiling in the business world is that it prevents racial minorities and women from ascending to the highest levels of business.  In doing so, it makes it harder for the United States to have a just economy and society and it may hurt businesses as well.

The factors that make the glass ceiling exist are generally not written, discriminatory policies.  This makes them much harder to combat.  We are not even completely sure as to why the glass ceiling exists.  Because the causes of the glass ceiling are hard to determine, it is very difficult to know how to destroy that ceiling and create truly equal opportunities for all.

The existence of the glass ceiling perpetuates injustice in the United States.  It makes it harder for young women and minorities to aspire to the highest positions in the business world.  The fact that the ceiling is not created by official policies makes it easier for white men to believe that their dominance is the result of merit.  This, too, reduces the chances for racial and gender-based justice.  Finally, the existence of the ceiling may harm businesses.  It may prevent businesses from promoting truly talented women and minorities who might be able to do better in high positions than some of the white men who actually get those positions. 

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