What is the importance of enzymes in carrying out life processes?

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Enzymes are the body's own catalysts and (like any other catalyst) control the speed of chemical reactions in the body. There are so many chemical processes going on in our body and most of them take place at a very slow pace. The enzymes speed up the rate of these reactions and enable our survival. If the body does not have the enzymes, it may be unable to survive.

Although the principal application of enzymes is as catalysts, there are other actions that are carried out by the enzymes in the body. Enzymes help in cellular communication and keep a check on the growth, life, and death of the cells.

Enzymes help our bodies maintain homeostasis and are essential to our survival.

In short, we can say that enzymes are essential for catalyzing catabolic and anabolic reactions in the body of any living organism.

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