What Is The Importance Of The Dentifrice Commercial

What is the importance of the dentifrice commercial in Fahrenheit 451

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The story i set in the future. In this future, books are being burned. Firemen are hired to burn any books they can find. Guy Montag is a fireman who is hired to burn the houses and books. It is revealed that Guy has kept some of the books he was supposed to burn. In this society people have what they call parlor walls, which are walls that have a huge television screen on them. All the people do is watch television. They are told that books are no longer relevant to their lives. The people have now embraced new media, sports and a quickening way of life.

Guy decides to read some of the books, but realizes he needs...

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I think that the importance of the commercial was to show the reader, or symbolize, how much control the government had on the general population. The loud commercial did not allow people the opportunity to think for themselves, which is what the government wants. The wanted to have complete control over everyone, and this was one way they decided to exercise their control. 

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