what is the importance of conserving biodiversity?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Biodiversity, a wide range of types of plant and animal life in a given ecosystem, is important for many reasons. Conserving that biodiversity benefits all the organisms in many ways.

Plants remove carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air we breathe. They provide food, raw materials for manufacturing goods, and are used for numerous products and processes. There may be many other resources as yet undiscovered within the plant kingdom, that will never be found if the plants become extinct.

In the same way, different kinds of animals depend on each other for survival. We can not predict how the loss of a species of animal might affect the balance of nature as a whole or directly impact the lives of other animals in its surroundings.

Conservation of biodiversity provides time for future research, preserves current natural living conditions that may be important for reasons not realized, and recognizes the worth and value of all life.

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