What is the importance of 'Britian's Imperial Destiny' by Wilfred Blunt?

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Wilfred Scawen Blunt's "Britain's Imperial Destiny" is significant as a critique of British imperialism. Writing in the late 1890s, Blunt argued, in short, that colonialism was fundamentally bad, not just for colonial people, but for the British themselves, as it encouraged corruption and abuses within the British government. "The gangrene of colonial rowdyism is infecting us," Blunt, a conservative member of Parliament, argued, "and the habit of repressing liberty in weak nations is endangering our own." He predicted the collapse of the British Empire, which he thought was unsustainable because it created hostility among native peoples and between European nations, which would lead to constant conflict. The Boer War in South Africa, he thought, was an example of this. In short, Blunt was one of the most eloquent of many critics of imperialism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.