What is the importance of amylopectin?

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 Amylopectin is a polysaccharide considered to be composed of anhydroglucose chains with many branch points. It does not form a helical coil like amylose.

The importance of amylopectin is as follows:

  1. Starch is manufactured by green plants during photosynthesis. The granules of starch present in any plant have shape, size, and markings characteristic of the species of plant in which the starch is made. It is stored in leaves, stems, roots, fruits, and seeds. Staple foods, such as wheat, rice and corn contain starch. Amylose and Amylopectin contributes to gelling and high viscosity of starch. It is the main energy store for green plants. Starch is the most important carbohydrate for humans and amylopectin comprises 60% of it.
  2. Some mutant plants like waxy rice, maize, and potato are composed of waxy starch that have all of their starch in the form of amylopectin. These have firmer structure and greater strength than the normal ones. Waxy starches are used in different applications mainly as a thickening agent or stabilizer.
  3. Amylopectin has a greater ability to bond to other compounds and so is used in the manufacture of adhesives, pastes, and lubricants.

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