What are the implications of the title of the play Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett?

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The original title of this play was Magee Monolgue as Beckett originally wrote the play for an Irish actor named Patrick Magee. The final title, Krapp's Last Tape, like the original, suggests that this is going to be a play centered around one man.

The name, Krapp, is a also a homophone of "crap," a crude slang word common in Britain, which as a noun means excrement, and as an adjective is used to describe something that is worthless, or at best of a poor quality. Krapp's name, therefore, perhaps suggests that the character may be somewhat unfortunate, or that perhaps he either feels or is perceived as worthless.

The key word in the title, "last," implies that this will be Krapp's final tape. He makes one every year, as a sort of annual, audio diary entry, but in the...

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