what are the implications of the novel in todays world?  

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The novel 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens is just as relevant to today's society as it was back in Victorian times. Although we now have a welfare state here in the U.K. (gradually being dismantled it seems!) there are always going to be children living in deprivation and squalor through no fault of their own, but perhaps through to parental weakness or family breakdown - but some of the reasons have changed. For example, neglected children today still roam the streets of London. Some are native children whose parents cannot concentrate on their needs due to drug or alcohol misuse, but some are in organized pickpocket gangs from abroad. Oliver Twist shows us how these children have to become opportunists in order to survive and that if we don't step in to help them, then someone else will - and that person might not have their interests at heart, but only exploitation.

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