What are the implications of the interactions between Walter and Beneatha, and what does their relationship contribute to the play?

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Walter and Beneatha are siblings who have a complex relationship and hold different views regarding gender roles, education, and culture. Walter is older than Beneatha and does not initially support her dreams of becoming a female doctor. Walter continually antagonizes his sister for her unique views on gender issues as well as her affinity for African culture. Walter may feel intimidated or self-conscious because his sister is educated and attempting to fulfill her dreams while he works as a chauffeur. Despite their contention, there are times throughout the play when Walter and Beneatha get along and joke with each other. After Walter receives the money from Lena, his mood becomes lighter, and he jokes with Beneatha by acting like a native of Africa. Their ability to get along and act amiably illustrates what their lives would be like with financial freedom and opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Beneatha is younger than Walter and is annoyed by her brother's lack of support and...

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