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What are the implications of Stephen Krashen's Monitor model for the classroom?

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Stephen Krashen's theories of second language learning are not entirely new. They elucidate something known as the Natural Approach: the idea that second language learning should resemble the way the first language is learned. Spoken language is emphasized and the learner is exposed to comprehensible input.

In order to understand the Monitor hypothesis, it is necessary to understand that which precedes it: the Acquisition-Learning hypothesis. Languages can be comprehended by both acquisition and learning. "Acquisition" is the interaction that the subject has with speakers of the language: for example, a baby listening to her parents. "Learning" is formal instruction, as in a language classroom.

The Monitor hypothesis involves both parts of the Acquisition-Learning processes. A second-language learner produces utterances, according to Krashen, because of his unconscious exposure to the language. His formal learning acts as an editor of what he produces.

What are its implications for the...

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