What are impacts of modernization on our life?

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Modernization has a number of effects on culture and society. The answer really depends on what category you are looking to examine. Modernization tends to have a big effect on economics as economies move to the use of more technology in the factors of production. This can have positive effects like lower prices and a greater variety of goods. At the same time, modernizing the economy can result in lower wages, unequal distribution of wealth, and environmental pollution. This is especially true of companies that modernize to the extent of becoming global entities.

Modernization also has a cultural or social impact. Countries that modernize generally rely on science more. This allows for greater research in the area of health that can improve the health of people and extend the lifespans of members within the culture. Science and modernization can make living more efficient and people more connected through better transportation and communication. Modernization can have a great impact on many areas of a culture, from religion to language to customs and traditions. As an example, modernized cultures tend to be more secular and less religious than cultures that have not modernized. They look for science to explain the unknown rather than faith. In general, modernized civilizations move at a much quicker pace than those that are not.

The site that is referenced below discusses more of the cultural impacts of modernization and discusses gender and family dynamics of modernization. The site discusses these issues in the context of Pacific cultures.

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