What impacts did the French and English imperialism have on the Native American tribes?  (Need in-depth answer please) Thanks!

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

French and British imperialism had an impact on the Native American tribes. When the French colonized North America they began to develop relationships with the Native Americans. The French traded with the Native Americans. For example, the fur trade was very lucrative. The French also didn’t want to take away the lands of the Native Americans. They married them and converted them to Christianity.

The British posed a more serious threat to the Native Americans. The British wanted their lands and had more conflicts with the Native Americans. Additionally, the British used some Native Americans as slaves. For these reasons, most Native American tribes sided with France in the French and Indian War. Relationships deteriorated after Great Britain won the French and Indian War. Most conflicts and battles occurred between the British and the Native Americans.

One negative impact that European imperialism had on the Native Americans was that the Europeans brought diseases to which the Native Americans had no immunity. Many Native Americans died from these diseases when they were first exposed to them.

British and French imperialism impacted the Native Americans.