What is the impact of welfare reform legislation?What is the impact of welfare reform legislation?

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I have to respectfully disagree with the post #2 regarding the fact that there are very few jobs available for anyone.  If someone really wants to work, there are jobs.  I live on the East Coast and recently traveled to two different states (other than where I live) and found "help wanted" signs in many places.  I took notice because there were so many in various locations.  If people really want to work, there's work.  I don't agree that people turn to drugs because they don't have a job.  I have known many people who have lost jobs and didn't turn to things not good for them.  For those individuals turning to crime, there are other issues beyond not having a job.  

Additionally, regarding the comment, "As for no way to get assistance from the government," our government is spending record levels of money for food stamps, unemployment and various other services.  There is plenty of work and resources available to people today.

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At least from one perspective, the impact of welfare reform legislation has been to harm the poor and unemployed.  From this perspective, welfare reform was fine in the late '90s and early 2000s when there was not really bad recession.  In those times, there were jobs that could be taken by people who would once have been on welfare.

From the perspective that is show in this article, that situation no longer applies.  Now there are very few jobs available for anyone.  The people who would once have been on welfare now have no way to get work and no way to get assistance from the government.  Because of this, they are reduced to doing things that are not good for them or for society.  They have turned to things like crime or they have done things like returning to abusive relationships because they need the money that the abuser provides.

Thus, according to some, welfare reform legislation has had a negative impact on the poor today.

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