What is the impact of war on personal lives??

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are myriad ways in which war can have an impact on personal lives. Perhaps it should go without saying but war can often spell the end to one's life which has a significant effect on the family and the friends of that person, so the loss is widespread in its "personal" impacts. Consider the families of those who lose their sons or their husbands or their daughters because war does not discriminate between the sexes.

Another personal impact can be in the form of displacement. If you look at the war in Syria right now and the millions of people who've felt the need to leave their homes and their lives to try and find a safe place to live, you can immediately see the enormous personal impact war has had on each of those refugees.

It can also have what might be considered a positive personal impact: there are plenty of people who've made careers out of supplying the demand for guns and bombs and other equipment necessary to fight wars, so it could also have an enriching impact on those whose industries supply those sorts of things.