What is the impact of socio-economic reality on national security?

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I think that socio- economic reality plays great deal of importance in the development of national security measures.  The most overwhelming evidence in my mind is that terrorism is bred by poverty and a lack of socio- economic security.  There is a very good chance that terrorist organizations recruit young people from impoverished conditions as opposed to wealthy ones.  Those who have very little feel as if they have little to lose and also feel disenfranchised with their own reality, making them more likely to embrace a cause where terrorist tactics are of importance.  Additionally, socio- economic reality plays a large part on how a nation can protect itself from terror attacks.  Nations that do not possess a strong financial base find it difficult to allocate necessary funds to ensue that national security protective measures are met.  For example, if the budget crisis in the United States had come to pass without a resolution, the federal funding for programs like the Transportation Security Adminstration or the Coast Guard would have been impacted, compromising those programs' defense and protection of national security interests.  It is here where the impact of socio- economic reality plays a role in the development and sustenance of national security.

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