What impact did Robert Frost have on America/American Literature?

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hantayo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Few poets in American history have had the influence of Frost.  Though never having graduated from college, he received over 40 honorary degrees and was awarded four Pulitzer Prizes.  There are several factors which distinguished Frost from his predecessors and contemporaries.  Firstly, his poetry was concerned with issues the common man addressed on a daily basis as well as philosophical and political issues.  For example his work "The Road Not Taken" addresses issues of fear, indecision and acceptance of one's decisions.

One other important aspect of poems and other works by Frost is his ability to combine the historic styles of the past with the more modern styles emerging in the early 20th century; he was able to use colloquial terms and passages in his poetry with little regard to the meter.  In short, the works of Frost are attractive to the common man because these works are concerned with the common man, using realistic backdrops and the vocabulary of the common man.

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