Wuthering Heights Questions and Answers
by Emily Brontë

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What is the impact of New Criticism on Wuthering heights?  

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'New criticism' is a fairly recent phenomenom and deals with the appreciation of material without reference to

moral, historical, or political realities.

It is also a form of objective criticism or 'close reading.'

The story is told by two different narrators and in two different styles, Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean, who tell the story of

Heathcliff’s arrival at Wuthering Heights, and the close-knit bond he forms with Catherine Earnshaw.

The use of the first person by Nelly gives the story its strength and references to 

domestic routine, help "to steady" the story and to give credibility to the passion.

These things are all reinforced by an acceptance of 'new criticism' in its non-reliance on the setting, author or her intention at the time of writing.

 Refer to the eNotes study guides and to previously asked questions to which you can navigate and which will help you understand how relevant 'new criticism' is, especially on a population that is less interested in history than ever before and who, when reading for pleasure or academic merit, do not necessarily have any background from which to form their opinions.   


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