What impact did Napoleon Bonaparte have on today’s world?

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Napoleon Bonaparte was Director, Consul, and eventually Emperor of France from 1799-1814, and then 1814-1815 (more on that later). Historians regard Napoleon as an egotistical military genius whose greed for power drove him to conquer almost all of Europe and then lose it again within 15 years. 

His lasting effects on today's world include his Napoleonic Code, his influence on Haitian and Latin American independence movements, and his sale of the Louisiana Territory to the United States. 

One of Napoleon’s major effects on today’s world is through his Napoleonic Code. The Code was one of the first times since the fall of the Roman Empire that any European nation’s laws were codified, or written down in an official document. Before that time, the laws in many European countries were contained in many documents—or not written down at all—making it almost impossible to enforce laws uniformly throughout the country.

As Napoleon conquered areas Germany and Eastern Europe, he brought...

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