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What is the impact of lobby groups on elections?

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Lobbying groups may have a big impact on the results of elections.  These groups have the ability to get their messages and talking points to reach many people. Often, they can slant their messages to make their candidate or party look positive or to make their opponent appear in a negative light.  Many times, these messages aren’t fully accurate, as a quote made or a vote cast on an issue may be taken out of context or there may be half-truths in the messages. In this case, something said or done for a certain reason may come back to haunt the candidate later because of how the lobbying group portrays the candidate’s comments or votes, even if the portrayal isn’t accurate.  Because many of these groups can spend a lot of money, they can get their messages out to the public by buying a lot of air time on television, running ads in the newspaper, using social media, and sending flyers to the homes of voters. Sometimes the difference in an election is in the effectiveness of the lobbying group in spreading their messages. 

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