What are some examples of the impact of the internment camp on the family in the book Farewell to Manzanar?

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Jeanne Wakatsuki's Farewell to Manzanar paints a disturbing picture of a dark chapter of American History, specifically the internment of Japanese citizens into camps, in this case Manzanar. The ordeal had a terrible physical and psychological impact on the Wakatsuki family. Manzanar was constructed quickly and with very little regard to sanitation and basic decency. The family was also separated, the patriarchal Mr. Wakatski being forced to a different camp after being arrested.

Those living in the camp were forced to share a small supply of badly prepared food and live in horribly cramped living quarters that afforded little privacy. There were not enough warm clothes to go around, and drafts and dust came through holes in the living area. In particular, Jeanne's mother is bothered horribly by the toilets that have no walls around them. These indignities severely wound the pride of the family, and soon they stop having meals together.

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The internment camp was hurriedly put up, and minimal efforts were directed towards health and sanitation. People suffered from diarrhea and other sanitation related diseases. Jeanne suffered from exposure to the filthy conditions and the situation affected the family.

Group living in the internment camp forced the people, including the Wakatsuki family, to share all the available amenities. In addition, the rooms were small, and the situation affected individual privacy. For instance, the young couples in the Wakatsuki family were forced to share the small space with their parents.

The internment camp also affected the family psychologically. Years after the camps were closed, the Japanese people carried the shame associated with living in the camps, and Jeanne was among those affected by the experience.

The Wakatsuki family was also split by the relocation. Mr. Wakatsuki was arrested and separated from his family. His son was forced to take charge of the family when they settled in Manzanar.

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