what is the impact of geography upon the development of roman civilization

gopikrishna | Student

Most of the population of the Roman empire lived within easy reach of the Mediterranean, and the imperial government promoted and protected sea-trade and naval communications . The Romans were active in dredging ship channels and in building river ports at likely places - such as London, Paris, Cologne, Vienna, Belgrade and so forth - and maintaining river fleets to maintain security and order on these watery highways.

- spot had mild climate, good farmland, strategic location

• Built city on seven hills that could be defended

- farmed at base of the hills; lived on hilltops

• City was close to Mediterranean Sea and its trade routes

- lay next to Tiber River, which aided trade and provided protection

• Romeʼs location on Italian Peninsula helped its development

• Roman ships could sail to other lands surrounding Mediterranean

- helped in conquering new territories, developing trade routes

• Alps, Apennines mountains protected Rome, but didnʼt isolate it

• Italyʼs large plains made farming easier than in Greece