Mahatma Gandhi

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What is the impact of Gandhi's philosophy on education? impact on todays education

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The primary focus of Gandhi's tenets in education was to develop both the moral sensibilities within the student as well as their commitment to social change.  Unlike most education of the time period, Gandhi's belief in education was to enhance the notion of individual and social change, believing that both are connected to one another.  Education is not something to remain in the claustrophobic domains of books only.  There has to be an outreach between students and the outside world.  Some of this can happen on a smaller level, while other implications are on a more profound level of...

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krishna-agrawala | Student

Gandhi believed that education is very important for development and well of individuals as well as of a society. He also had very specific views about methods of education. For example he believed in education that aims at overall development of individual rather than just learning of facts and figures relating to different subjects. At the same time he did not favour religious instructions as a part of formal education system of a nation. He believed that imparting of religious education should be left to religious organization. He favoured making education job oriented. He believed that the education system should prepare individuals to take up useful jobs in the society.

He was opposed to use of punishment in schools. Also he was against making young children learn alphabets mechanically. He said that language is an art burdening young children with such mechanical learning, which appears quite meaningless to them tens to create an aversion towards language.

There is no clear evidence to show that any ideas of Gandhi about education system have been implemented  in India or any where else directly as his ideas. However, indirectly ideas of Gandhi have resulted in education receiving high priority in India, and in making education system more progressive as compared to practices in the past.

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