What impact does Martin Luther have on our lives today?What impact does Martin Luther have on our lives today?

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I agree with the post above, but I would also like to note that Luther had an impact on everyone's religious freedom. If it was just Jews, Christians and Muslims fighting each other, that would not be personal to many people. Luther created sects within the Christian church, where people could have different religions and something in common.
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This depends very greatly on what religion you belong to and how religious you are.

If you are not a religious person and you live in the US, you could argue that Luther has had very little influence on your life.  However, if you are a religious person and a Christian, Luther has had an impact on your life.  Before Luther, there was essentially only one Christian church, at least in Western Europe.  The Catholic Church had a monopoly on the Christian faith.  If you are a Protestant, your sect would not exist without Luther.

Whether you are Protestant or Catholic, Luther's ideas have influenced your religion.  Before Luther, it was essentially unheard of for people to read the Bible on their own.  Religious people relied on the Church to tell them what to do and what to think.  Nowadays, people in all major Christian sects are encouraged to read the Bible and to have a personal relationship with God.  This is something that is very different from the way things were before the Reformation.

So, if you are a religious Christian today, your life has been changed by Luther because his ideas have had a huge impact on religious thinking in Western Civilization.