What impact does Martin Luther have on our lives today?

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Martin Luther has an impact on our lives today. One impact is that the Bible is printed in many languages. The Roman Catholic Church only allowed the Bible to be printed in Latin. By printing the Bible in other languages, more people would be able to read and understand it. It also makes the prayers more meaningful to those who are praying.

Martin Luther also encouraged all people to study the Bible. Translating the Bible into different languages helped accomplish this. Martin Luther stressed the importance of individual people learning about the Bible and studying it. He didn't believe the Roman Catholic Church should control what people would know about the Bible. Today there are over nine hundred translations of the New Testament. People have Bibles in their homes and in their offices. The Bible is no longer found only in churches or in the hands of the elite.

To some the degree, the idea of religious tolerance that many people enjoy today is related to what Martin Luther believed and...

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