What impact does culture have on a child's development?

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It is true that we are all essentially the same due to our common human nature, but other aspects of who we are certainly are impacted, particularly as children, by our cultures. That impact comes primarily in five key elements: language, morality, parenting, world view, and autonomy.

One of the most obvious cultural differences is language. While every child learns his own language, of course, a child's language is more than just a vocabulary and grammar. It is also his primary method of communication, and communication is the heart of cultural expression. Whether a child learns a very primitive, uncomplicated language or a language in which there are twenty-seven words for "work," he learns to communicate effectively within his own culture. He must then learn to adapt whenever his cultural environment changes.

Morality is another aspect of childhood development which is shaped by culture. It is true that most morality is transferred to children by their parents; however, different...

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