What impact does the Columbia Exposition have on the world fair today?  

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The World’s Colombian Exposition was held in Chicago to commemorate Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World. The exposition was a highly successful social-cultural event that brought American people together. The Colombian Exposition’s success turned it into a yardstick for future World’s exposition especially, with regards to planning and organization of such events.

The trends and activities the Colombian Exposition introduced, impacted future fairs. The Ferris wheel was first introduced in the Colombian Exposition and later became a symbol of such events. The event provided a platform for showcasing American products, turning them into future leading brands known today. The business aspect was carried forward to different World Fairs today.

The Colombian Exposition introduced the Midway, an area of the event where sideshows were performed. The Midway is featured in most if not all of present world fairs. The carnival rides are mostly included as part of the Midway. This aspect of the Exposition also led to the establishment of permanent amusement parks and theme parks, such as Coney Island, Disney world and Disneyland.

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