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What impact did the triangle trade have on Europe?

Triangle trade allowed for Europe's economic development in many ways. Trade with Africa and the Americas allowed for increased access to raw goods and the growth of the shipping industry, which in turn led to additional jobs for Europeans. Additionally, the money earned through the triangle trade allowed Europe to develop the technology and engage in business ventures that led to the Industrial Revolution. Triangle trade also led to the proliferation of slavery and the growth of European imperialism. 

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In many ways, the Triangle Trade was a major contributor to the economic growth of European nations. This is simply because this trans-continental economic arrangement was ultimately designed to benefit Europeans the most. By supplying a seemingly endless source of slave labor to the American colonies, which were full of natural resources, European markets became flooded with raw materials and consumer goods.

By the end of the eighteenth century, this system became the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution. Consumerism boomed, particularly in Great Britain. This gave rise to a nascent middle class and reshaped the European economy.

The Triangle Trade also shifted the destination of European exports. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, most European exports found themselves in other parts of Europe. By the century's end, however, the majority of European exports went to the Americas and Africa. Port cities in Europe grew in importance. Places like Bristol, Rotterdam, and Lisbon...

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