What impact did the radio have in the 1920s?

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The radio impacted the lives of Americans in the 1920s in many ways. Before the radio was used, newspapers were a key source of information for people to learn about events that were happening in the country and in the world. If people wanted to hear music, they had to go to a musical performance.

When the radio was developed, people were able to use it as a form of entertainment and information. People could listen to news reports and news programs on the radio. They could listen to musical performances, such as symphonies, instead of having to go a concert. It became easier for people to follow sports, especially their sports teams, because they could listen to the games, as they were being played, on the radio. The first soap operas were on the radio. These daily shows provided entertainment for many people. People also were able to listen to comedians like Jack Benny as a result of the development of the radio.

The radio impacted people significantly in the 1920s and beyond.

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