What impact did Princess Diana have on the world, and why?

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The British Royal Family has had any monarchs and historically, at some time or another, each of us has learnt something about it. Diana had such an impact that she

revolutionized and uplifted the public image of British royalty

at a time when, even amongst Britons, the Royal Family was unpopular and seen as generally wasteful and unnecessary to the British economy. She endeared herself to the public and by the time she married Charles in 1981, millions of people around the world took time out to watch or read about her marriage.

As Princess of Wales, it was fitting that her first official engagement, after her marriage should be to Wales where she went to great pains to deliver her speech in Welsh. As Welsh was and is a language struggling for survival, this was a huge step forward in encouraging the use of the language within Great Britain. It encouraged minorities globally to be proud of their cultural differences.

A universal breakthrough and something that had an enormous impact worldwide was her exposure of AIDS. She was seen comforting, hugging and playing with children who were HIV positive and even terminally ill with full-blown Aids. In the late 1980s and the 1990s, there was still much stigma around the disease and the ignorance of people about its causes and contamination was a problem for those living with it who were discriminated against and treated poorly.

Diana's actions started the more forward-thinking approach and encouraged people to learn more about it and get actively involved in supporting those with the disease. People were less fearful and better-informed. This had an impact on many children who had been abandoned but for whom there was maybe now some hope as volunteers flocked to help in centers around the world.

Diana exposed the plight of those suffering life changing injuries from land mines and she was instrumental in their banning. The official ban was purposefully implemented near the first anniversary of her death.  The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, owed much to Diana's efforts in this regard.

Diana's legacy lives on in her sons who ensure that her charities are well supported and who support many children's charities (and others) around the world themselves.

Diana's memory is unending and even young children who never witnessed or experienced her impact during her lifetime, still feel her love and compassion for all mankind today.