What impact did Napoleon have on France and the rest of Europe?

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a well-known ruler and military strategist. He served as a French military commander at a base in Italy. Following his homecoming after the revolution, Napoleon found a destabilized government. Consequently, he saw this as an opportunity to lead a coup d’état in 1799, which led to him becoming the first consul of France.

Napoleon was significant in rebuilding his county from the aftermath of the revolution. As a result of his military background, he was more than able to lead France. This is because the country had not only socio-political conflict to manage, but also foreign threats, such as Britain. For instance, in 1805, Napoleon was victorious in taking down a coalition attempting to seize France that comprised of Britain, Austria, and Russia.

Overall, Napoleon had a profound impact on Europe due to his influence in almost all European nations. His influence lead to boundary shifts that lead to formation of European states that still exist. Furthermore, he...

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