Why Did The North Won The Civil War

Why did the North win the Civil War?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The North won the Civil War for three main reasons. 

The North had more resources.  The Civil War was a modern war in that it was won largely by economic forces.  It was a war that relied on industrial output as much as anything.  The North had by far the greater economic resources.  It had more people and, in particular, more free people who could fight or work in factories.  It had more factories to produce weapons and even things like shoes for the soldiers.  It had a better railroad system by which to move goods and soldiers about.  All of this gave the North a major advantage.

It had a much superior navy.  The war was mostly a land war, but the US Navy was still important.  The navy’s ability to blockade the South prevented the South from receiving as much help as it might have from European countries. 

The South lacked support from Europe.  If England or France had supported the South, things might have been different.  The US would have been under much greater pressure to make peace.  But the European countries did not side with the South or do much to help it. 

Thus, the North’s advantage in resources, along with the South’s inability to get more help from Europe, allowed the North to win the war.

terrence958 | Student

the north won because it had several more advanages.

Strength and Weakness of the North:


1) bigger population=bigger army

2) richer and more technologically advanced

3) it had more farms=more food and suplies

4) Lincoln was on their side

5) good transportation


1) military leadership is very poor

Strengths and Weakness of the South:


1) military leadership was excellent. they had Robert E. Lee, an excellent commander.

2) it is a big area so it is hard to conquer

3) they have the support of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President


1) if the North controls the Mississippi River, the Confederates is split into two sections

2) they have transforation problems

3) bad economy

4) relied on cash crops (cotton, tobacco, etc)