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What impact did British Colonialism/Imperialism have on Kenya?

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In 1888, the British East Africa Company (BEAC) received a charter to develop trade in Kenya from the Sultan of Zanzibar. In 1895, after the financial collapse of the BEAC, Great Britain took Kenya over as the East Africa Protectorate and established control over Kenya's economy and opened the highlands for white settlement. To do so, the British built the Uganda Railroad linking Mombasa with their territory in Uganda. As a result, many British people arrived in Kenya as farmers and missionaries, and Indians came to Kenya to carry out the labor to build the bridge. The British wanted to establish a market economy with crops such as coffee, a change from the traditional practice of growing subsistence crops.

The British began a campaign to eradicate local practices, including the practice of native religions (including local beliefs in witchcraft) and slavery. In addition, the British tried to modernize agricultural techniques, which met with local resistance. Local tribes such as the...

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