What impact did the book Uncle Tom's Cabin have outside the United States? the question is in reference to the book Mightier than the Sword by David Reynolds.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin made a huge impact outside of the United States as well as within. It sold 310,00 copies in the United States but more than million in England. It became the biggest best-seller in Europe in the nineteenth century. As one reviewer stated, citing Reynolds's book, Uncle Tom's might have been one of the most influential books ever written. 

While Stowe wrote it to persuade American audiences of the evils of slavery, disenfranchised groups around the world were inspired by its message. It was dangerous enough to be banned in Russia until 1857, for fear it would incite a movement to liberate the serfs. Many dissidents, however, read it in French or German translation and indeed exerted pressure to free the serfs, which came to fruition when the czar, Alexander II, liberated them in 1861. After it was allowed to be translated into Russian, both Lenin and Tolstoy read it in translation and were impressed. In 1901, it became the first American novel translated into Chinese, where it appeared under the title The Black Slave Appeals to Heaven. Although Stowe never anticipated this reaction, its appeal and impact were felt worldwide.