What is the imaginary aspect of "The Chrysanthemums"?I need a journal story on what intrigues me about this story.

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If you are looking for ideas based on this story that you can use to write your own piece of creative writing, then I would suggest that this story offers a number of different possibilities. One of the aspects that I find very interesting is that the point of view of the story only gives us access to the thoughts and feelings of Elisa rather than the other characters. What would be really fascinating would be to examine this story and the relationship that Elisa has with her husband from the perspective of other characters.

For example, how would the tinker describe his encounter with Elisa and the way in which she gives him some of her precious chrysanthemums? What would he be thinking as she gives them to him with such careful advice on how to plant them? What would he be thinking as he throws them away as he leaves? What about Elisa's husband? How would he describe their marriage and his wife? These are big unanswered questions in the story that would make an excellent basis for a piece of creative writing, expanding this story from being about the perspective of Elisa alone to looking at it from the perspective of other characters.